I recently hosted a 9:00 a.m. breakfast meeting for my professional networking group. I served fresh berries, juice and muffins. I skipped the coffee because (a) I am not a coffee drinker and (b) all of the coffee drinkers always bring their own morning brews.


However, at the break, several people asked for fresh coffee. I have possibly made coffee twice, but now I was on the spot. I ground the beans, poured the granules into the filter, added the water and pressed the ON button. As expected, the coffee filled the carafe and people loaded their mugs. No one complained and no one died so I felt good about my efforts. Thinking back, though, no one complimented me either.


A few days later, my husband, started making coffee for himself.  He asked what I had done to the coffee maker – grounds were all over the place and it was a mess. He said the coffee had to be horrible. I ludicrously suggested I email an apology. Instead of saying, “No, it’s not that bad,” he said, “Great idea!”


Who knew? No one puked on the carpet, no one gagged over the sink and no one threw their coffee at me…so, I thought things were OK. Luckily, for my group, in the future my husband will be making the coffee so they won’t be sipping coffee grounds.

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